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    Dr. Natsuhara is not only a wonderful surgeon, but also a great person. I had been struggling for some time deciding whether or not to go ahead with a surgery on my ankle. I had been to multiple surgeons before him asking for guidance. Dr. Natsuhara took the time to listen to me and never encouraged me one way or another. The first time we met, I wasn’t ready for surgery yet. When I was finally ready, he fit me in his schedule ASAP and got me taken care of within the sensitive time frame I needed due to work and my young kids at home. He is extremely quick to answer/respond to any questions or concerns you have before and after surgery sent by text or the online charting system. I never felt rushed when in the office with him. He did an amazing job on my surgery and I will be returning in the future if I end up needing further surgeries. Thank you Dr. Natsuhara!